The Synthesis

Not since Atlas Shrugged has one man stood against a power so strong it could stop the flow of history…

It’s all in the Plan — an end to terrorism, financial chaos, and revolutionary fervor — yet one man stands in the way of this vision of world peace. The end game is not so clear to John Samson, the think-tank strategist who wrote the Plan. He’s a West Point grad, a former Army Ranger, a whiskey drunk over the mysterious death of his girlfriend, and never a more unlikely hero than now that he’s an accessory to the murder of his boss, billionaire Richard Barlow.

John Samson started out as a believer. His ingenious strategy would not only destroy all the world’s terrorist groups in one fell swoop, but it would also merge competing countries into a prosperous global Confederation. Most importantly, once and for all, it would stop the inefficient dialectic of history. At least, that was the Plan.

The Synthesis is an intricately plotted, psychological thriller of international conspiracy and intrigue. Samson is recruited first by Barlow and Chive, a front for U.S. intelligence, then by the Seventh Seal, a terrorist group based in Europe. Will Samson choose the Confederation of rogue Director of National Intelligence and Barlow protégé Henry Linville, or succumb to the secretive and deadly Directorate of the Seventh Seal? Or beyond all hope, will he fight for freedom…

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