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Timothy G. Waterman is a patent-awarded inventor and engineer in the diverse field of electromagnetic technology. Waterman’s background in antenna design and field theory has enabled him to gain a unique and comprehensive understanding of the subtle characteristics of electromagnetic waves and wave technologies, which has resulted in publications detailing the theoretical model “Matter with Electromagnetic Resonance”.

Waterman has received over 20 patents in the area of electromagnetic design and has compiled more than 100 invention disclosures. As a senior consultant and advisory engineer at the Northrop Grumman Corporation, the author played a key role in the concept, design and development of antenna arrays used for military and commercial applications. He has made significant contributions to programs with high national security importance such as the TPS-63 LSA, TPS-43 ULSA, TPS-70, METS, STAR ULSA, ARSR-4, the Australian AEW, and horizontally polarized UHF wing array Sensorcraft systems.

The author’s academic career focused on Electromagnetic field theory for which he received a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan. In addition, he received a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering from the same university. He is now an author as well as a consultant for corporations focusing on radar and other antenna systems. Waterman provides mentoring for young engineers and speaks to audiences of varying technical understanding on the electromagnetic resonant cavity theory of matter and how it relates to a potential unified field theory.