Matters of Thought

I have always been drawn to what some consider the impossible, the implausible, the hapless idealistic dream. Challenging questions intrigue me. If all be told, they inspire me. Is peace a consensus value that is uniquely expressed in each of our lives? Can fundamental physics be revealing of the human condition? Is redemption a theological given that transcends our judgmental world? To shed light on such questions is improbable yet who is to determine failure or success? Might one thought, one sentence, one word tip the impossible to possible? I believe we have our purpose, you and I. “Only when a tree has fallen,” said writer Anne Morrow Lindberg, “can you take the measure of it.” Until then, take temporary measure and I hope you’ll be pleased.


Dante’s Miracle: Journey Toward the Physics of Love

Particle explosions, sacramental wine, adulterous romance—when heresy and physics explode in a Tuscan vineyard, a parish priest and an American widow risk their souls for forbidden love. As the Bishop’s envoy to CERN, Father Dante Rosetti seeks the knowledge that two thousand years of science can tell him about the ancient promise of faith. What he uncovers is a love so strong it threatens to destroy his calling, his family and a beautiful convert at the center of a scandal in Rome.

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