Arment Ancestry Book

“The History of the Arment Family in America”

For members of the Arment Family: you can flip through or download this digital copy of the ancestry book compiled in 1983 by Dorothy Hatch and Ednabell Arment Castro.

• This copy also includes the “Register Report for William Arment, Sr. (born Abt. 1688 in Hautes-Alpes, France [1]. He died 1757 in Concord Twp., Delaware Co., Pa [1].)

• This copy is 60 megabytes in PDF format.

From the First Chapter: “As far as can be determined, William Arment was the emigrant ancestor of the Arment family. I{e is reported to have come from England in the early 17OOs but according to family tradition, the Arments came originally from the Alsace-Lorraine area of France and were thought to have been French Hugeonot. They probably fled France and went into England.

“The earliest original record found of William Armond (Arment)
is a deed in which he purchased 50 acres of land in Rocklands,
Chester County (now known as Concord, Delaware County) Pennsylvania.”



TO DOWNLOAD, CLICK HERE: ArmentHistory031118optimized


Photos of the Armond/Arment parcel in Concord, Delaware County,  Pennsylvania.

Photos of land as well as the digital chapters of the Arment History book were provided to me by Jeremy D. Arment, descending from Thomas Arment, then his son William, then his son William Jr (born 1816). Jeremy found some discrepancies in information found in William Henry Arment’s birth records and I’m sure there are other things that our generation and the next will endeavor to correct.

The ruins are from a later-day farmhouse but not by the original Arment homestead.


You can send comments or suggestions and I will try to compile on this page. If someone would like to create a standalone website for the book and photos, that would be great!




Jeremy Arment
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This looks fantastic Fred. Couldn’t have done better myself. Looking at or downloading the book will be valuable for any & all members of the family. Kudos!