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How Nature Made Matter: A Theoretical Model for the Structure of Physical Matter and the Four Fundamental Forces; Applying Snell’s Law of Refraction to the Toughest Challenges in Physics

By Timothy G. Waterman

Recent experiments and journal articles have confirmed measurements previously calculated by patent-awarded inventor Timothy G. Waterman based on his seminal theoretical model described in “How Nature Made Matter”. Matter with Electromagnetic Resonance is a working model for the structure of matter, the four fundamental forces, and the important questions in physics that it answers. Examples verifying the model’s calculations include:

  • Expansion of the Universe is accelerating (, April 25, 2019) predicted by the stability factors calculated for Dark Energy particles by this model.
  • Pressure inside a proton measured as ~ 1035 Pascal (,
    May 17, 2018;, February 22, 2019), the exact calculation derived from this model.
  • Super Massive Black Holes found a few 100 million years after the Big Bang (, April 28, 2020). This new theoretical model predicts that Super Massive Black Holes are longitudinal electromagnetic wave structures formed during the Big Bang.
  • Gravitational Waves detected (Wikipedia article, 13 Apr. 2020), propagate away like all other electromagnetic waves.
  • Size of the Milky Way has been measured as 1.9 million light years in diameter (ScienceNews, Mar. 23 2020 Ken Croswell), in line with this model which describes the average galaxy as expanding from the size of the Planck to approximately 3 million light years in diameter.

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