The Elements of Peace: How Nonviolence Works

Courage, compassion, decisiveness… logic, empathy, love… the fundamental virtues of peace have inspired nonviolent heroes to action and driven the cog of history toward better lives for millions around the world.

“The Elements of Peace: How Nonviolence Works” delves deeply into the motivations of peacemakers to find the skills, traits, and values that underlay the methods and strategies of nonviolence. Replete with real-world examples of peacemaking, “The Elements of Peace” clearly and explicitly shows how we, as individuals and societies, choose to handle the conflicts that are a natural part of our lives.

Thirty nonviolent methods are brought to live with heart-wrenching and inspiring stories of how seemingly intractable conflicts were transformed into conditions free from the ravages of violence. An important role of stroytelling is to convey essential knowledge from one generation to another, and now nonviolence has a storyteller with the ability to engage, entertain, and inspire. Highly relevant and practical for the schoolyear or the global stage, “The Elements of Peace” is an innovative and accessible, yet scholarly approach on how we choose to be people of violence or people of peace.

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