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economicsThe Golden Rule Society

goldenrule This presentation is dedicated to discussions on the economic and political future of humanity. As in the past, our society is evolving, indeed, very quickly. How do we organize? Are capitalism and socialism giving way to a new system? Can the ancient wisdom of the Golden Rule be at the center of a new paradigm? “The Economics of Peace: Freedom, the Golden Rule, and the Broadening of Prosperity” is only a starting point. From the Arab Spring to the Occupy and Tea Party movements, the “What now?” solution to economic disparity and power politics has largely been unarticulated. This Facebook site will feature excerpts from the book on how the Golden Rule ethic and a technology-driven global consciousness are causing epic shifts in our economic and governing systems. Yet the book is not the final word on these lofty and important matters. What do you think? How does the Golden Rule or other ethical memes play in our future? Here is a starting point for determining our future.


elementsThe Virtuoso of Peace

Thirty nonviolent methods are brought to life with heart-wrenching and inspiring stories of how seemingly intractable conflicts were transformed into conditions free from the ravages of violence. An important role of storytelling is to convey essential knowledge from one generation to another, and now nonviolence has a storyteller with the ability to engage, entertain, and inspire. Companion presentation to "The Elements of Peace: How Nonviolence Works."



International Cities of Peace

There are many new avenues to work for peace in our homes, communities, and our nations. International Cities of Peace is an association of cities of peace that Arment founded in 2009. These cities, counties and communities around the world have self-defined their citizenry through official Proclamations or grassroots efforts as cities of peace. Arment blends the extensive and inspiring work of this global nonprofit with other aspects of peacemaking, including the case studies in "The Elements of Peace: How Nonviolence Works."

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A segment from Epic Changes: The Evolution of the Legal System, presented by J. Frederick Arment, author of "The Economics of Peace: Freedom, the Golden Rule and the Broadening of Prosperity". In The Role of the Judiciary in the New Paradigm, Arment outlines how the Golden Rule is used to provide the justice in Judiciary rulings. Copyright, 2014, The Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum, All rights reserved.

Arment is facilitator for PEACE DAYton and a co-chair of the International Day of Peace NGO Committee working with the United Nations. Here's a radio show, Voice of the Miami Valley, that highlights the Dayton Collaborative Group, which includes over 50 organizations with 48 events for Peace Week, Sept. 12-21, 2014.



Arment was a keynote speaker at the Rotary International Forum, Peace Through Service, held at Unity Village, Missouri, on April 20, 2013. Colleagues in the morning sessions and afternoon panels were Rita Marie Johnson, Rasur International/Academy of Peace, Dr. Sharif Abdullah, Commonway Institute, and Rotary's Center for International Studies. For information, contact The Unity Institute.


Arment is available for guest appearances on radio shows and internet broadcasts. He has appeared on The Taira St. John Show from Lake County, California, and the Book Nook with Vick Mckunas on WYSO (CLICK HERE), and other national and international broadcasts.


Featured in the Shift Networks' Catalyst publication, Arment's Profile title, Building Bridges Everyone Can Cross, speaks to his desire for commonality of purpose. For the blog, click here.


Below is a video broadcast from Edwin Rutsch's Center for a Culture of Empathy and Peace.

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