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"The Physics of Spirit: Four Propositions that Enliven the Human Condition"

Pandora's BoxAn eight-page Ttreatise that investigates an innovative Waveform Theory, which proposes that there is an elegant and practical solution to the ancient matter/spirit controversy.

FREE DOWNLOAD. The Four Propositions discuss in the context of physical laws the existence of spirit, creativity, the soul, and how love works to heal and give purpose.

FREE for the reading. Please distribute to your family and friends. Donations to International Cities of Peace are encouraged.



The Economics of Peace: Freedom, the Golden Rule and the Broadening of Prosperity

From the Arab Spring to the Occupy and Tea Party movements, the "What now?" solution to economic disparity and power politics has been largely unarticulated. This work details how the Golden Rule ethic and a technology-driven global consciousness are causing epic shifts in our economic and governing systems. The evolution from nation-state capitalism to a collaborative economy with judicial governance is proving that prosperity is compatible with peace. With ten case studies of successful "Golden Rule" organizations and an innovative study of the reciprocal ethic, this book provides accessible, thought-provoking analysis of rapid worldwide change and forecasts a future of freedom, purpose and hope.

Print ISBN: 978-0-7864-9638-9
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-4766-1890-6
12 photos, notes, bibliography, index
264pp. softcover (6 x 9) 2014

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The Elements of Peace: How Nonviolence Works


Courage, compassion, decisiveness... logic, empathy, love... the fundamental virtues of peace have inspired nonviolent heroes to action and driven the cog of history toward better lives for millions around the world.

"The Elements of Peace: How Nonviolence Works" delves deeply into the motivations of peacemakers to find the skills, traits, and values that underlay the methods and strategies of nonviolence. Replete with real-world examples of peacemaking, "The Elements of Peace" clearly and explicitly shows how we, as individuals and societies, choose to handle the conflicts that are a natural part of our lives.

Thirty nonviolent methods are brought to live with heart-wrenching and inspiring stories of how seemingly intractable conflicts were transformed into conditions free from the ravages of violence. An important role of stroytelling is to convey essential knowledge from one generation to another, and now nonviolence has a storyteller with the ability to engage, entertain, and inspire. Highly relevant and practical for the schoolyear or the global stage, "The Elements of Peace" is an innovative and accessible, yet scholarly approach on how we choose to be people of violence or people of peace.

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Backbeat: A Novel of Physics

The use of physics in this novel is more than artifice. Point of view depends on the reader's frame of reference, plots resonate through time, and characters superimpose as waves of energy. Even the words seem to vibrate on the page.

Threaded through the new novel, Backbeat: A Novel of Physics, is an accessible description of the principles and theories of quantum physics. As a result, readers share with the lead character not only a heartfelt orphan’s plight, but also five epiphanies, or intuitive insights, which we can all gain from a deeper understanding of physics.

"Backbeat: A Novel of Physics" is all of the following and more:

• The universal story of an orphan’s quest for family told in the language of physics
• The first novel that brings quantum physics to bear on human relationships
• A coming-of-age novel in which an orphan learns spiritual maturity through his mother’s lost letters
• A novel of physics that celebrates the 100th anniversary of Einstein’s theories: 1905-2005
• An inspirational story in which readers share five insights through an understanding of physics
• A murder mystery in which the solution involves investigating universal questions of life
• A love story told in light of an eternal and timeless physics of love

Don't miss this one-of-a-kind novel that brings the new language and insights of quantum physics to bear on the way we live and die. You comments will be appreciated!

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The Synthesis


Not since Atlas Shrugged has one man stood against a power so strong it could stop the flow of history...

It’s all in the Plan — an end to terrorism, financial chaos, and revolutionary fervor — yet one man stands in the way of this vision of world peace. The end game is not so clear to John Samson, the think-tank strategist who wrote the Plan. He’s a West Point grad, a former Army Ranger, a whiskey drunk over the mysterious death of his girlfriend, and never a more unlikely hero than now that he’s an accessory to the murder of his boss, billionaire Richard Barlow.

John Samson started out as a believer. His ingenious strategy would not only destroy all the world’s terrorist groups in one fell swoop, but it would also merge competing countries into a prosperous global Confederation. Most importantly, once and for all, it would stop the inefficient dialectic of history.

At least, that was the Plan.

The Synthesis is an intricately plotted, psychological thriller of international conspiracy and intrigue. Samson is recruited first by Barlow and Chive, a front for U.S. intelligence, then by the Seventh Seal, a terrorist group based in Europe. Will Samson choose the Confederation of rogue Director of National Intelligence and Barlow protégé Henry Linville, or succumb to the secretive and deadly Directorate of the Seventh Seal? Or beyond all hope, will he fight for freedom...

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Berto's Ride: A Physical Journey Toward Meaning

Particle explosions, sacramental wine, adulterous romance—when heresy and physics come together in an ancient Tuscan vineyard, a parish priest and an American widow risk their souls for love. As the Bishop’s envoy to CERN, Father Berto Argasti wanted to know what two thousand years of science could tell him about faith. What he found was a love so strong it threatens to destroy his calling, his family and a beautiful convert, Julie Bowers.

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