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"Serenata is a 37.5' Hunter Sailboat that has served as my home at various times over the last decade. After living on a sailboat for nearly four years total time, I have grown to love the freedom and adventure of cutting through the waves on ocean and lake, shutting down the engine, letting the wind fill the sails, and listening to the Earth in all its silence and glory. Now, if I only had the patience to fish."




"I am adamant that peace is not just a 60's flash-from-the-past ideal, and that it is important to build our future. International Cities of Peace is an organization dedicated to fostering peace as a consensus value in terms of Safety, Prosperity, and Quality of Life. I currently serve as President of the Board and Executive Director of this global initiative to allow citizens to define their communities as Cities of Peace. International Cities of Peace is for all global citizens. Peace is the consensus value of the World Dream!" International Cities of Peace



"Indulgence... a virtual rocket ship on the ground, the Harley Davidson Classic is, most fortunately, at my beckon-call during the warm days of summer. Though I'm not a constant polisher (which forfeits my position in the Harley clan), I love to straddle the 1450 cc engine and wind through the lush fields and rolling hills of Greene County, Ohio and beyond."



"I was fortunate to be one of the founders and served as the first director of the Dayton International Peace Museum, which is working to change our current culture of violence into a culture of peace. The Museum is located in Dayton, Ohio where the Dayton Peace Accords were signed in 1995. This example of diplomacy and statecraft put an end to the war in Bosnia which had taken over 200,000 lives.

"Through exhibits, events, international and community outreach, as well as programs for chilcren and adults, the Peace Museum is dedicated to helping people choose peaceful alternatives to violence and conflict. The Dayton International Peace Museum provides space for recognition, experimentation, education, training, and appreciation of the many current and future avenues toward peace, including spiritual, environmental, civic, relational, and artistic."

Dayton International Peace Museum


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